Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tickle Me Baby Elmo

One of Sophia's favorite gifts for her birthday was her Tickle Me Baby Elmo. This might be one of the cutest things ever ... although, we constant repetition, it could get a bit annoying!

She loves to dance and sway back and forth when Elmo talks! Too precious!!


Tickles to you and you and you ....

Allyson and Sophia


Apryl said...

What's it still doing in the box then silly mamma??? Let that baby girl love on her baby Elmo! Welcome to the world of Elmo by the way :)

Erin P said...

I was logging in here to say the same thing as Apryl, so we'll leave it at that - take it out of the box already! :)

Reutter Reality said...

How cute :) I always thought Elmo was so cute... and i'm not even a 1-year-old!!