Monday, January 11, 2010

Sophia's 1st Birthday Party!!

Wow, has it really been a year? This time last year I was learning all about this baby girl, and now I know her like the back of my hand! The love relationship with a child is such a precious gift from above -- A MIRACLE really! I am so grateful!

On Saturday, we hosted a small 1st birthday party for Sophia!! Sophia was so cute eating her cupcake. She first looked at it, not sure what to do with it. She then touched the icing with only her fingertips. She took it really slow, always looking at me for approval to "get messy" (probably b/c I am always on her case about putting her hands in her mouth while I am trying to feed her). She finally grabbed it and started going at it ... but overall she was so "neat and clean" eating her cupcake! Not 1 crumb on the living room carpet, only a few pieces in her seat, and not a speck of icing in her hair! Overall, a great time was had by everyone!! Since Nate is a great photographer, I will use the pictures to tell the story!! Enjoy!!

Crawling around with no knowledge of what is about to happen!

Icing the giant cupcake (pumpkin spice with homemade butter cream icing) -- too bad it doesn't really look like a cupcake once it is iced! Oh well, my first shot at it...

The finished product! Sophia's cupcake is on the lower left corner with the candle!

Sittin' pretty by my presents!! Not so sure what to think about all these people!

Opening a gift from the Bounsall's! Mom loves when I get clothes although I prefer toys!! Ha!

The famous "egg" shaker -- one of her favorite toys! Hopefully she will learn to shake this to a beat while daddy plays guitar!

Conducting "Happy Birthday" while we all sing to her!!

"Hum, not so sure what to do with this..."

"Just a little taste of the icing .... Yummmm"

"Ok, so this is pretty good .... sweetest thing I have had in my entire life."

"Oh yeah, totally enjoying this cake thing ..."

Slowing down a bit ...

"All done and ready to be cleaned up!"

Erin, Laurel, Lauren, Judi, Allyson, Sophia

Sophia and her pal Olivia

A family picture!!

Here's to another GREAT and WONDERFUL year!!


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Sara Vawter said...

What fun to look at these pics and read about Sophia's party! She is so her shirt! And you did a great job with the cake. Your mom said it was delicious! I just looked through Paige's scrapbook this evening, and sadly, the last work I've done was her first! But fun to reminisce:) Glad you're enjoying mommy-hood! It is the best:) Savor each day b/c they go by too fast, don't they? If they ever lift the visitor restrictions at the hospital, you need to bring her up for a visit:) Even if it may be past her bedtime:) Hee hee:) Take care!