Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Puffin' the magic dragon?

Since late last week, Sophia has been battling an URI. Thankfully it hasn't affected her sleep or mood! Monday evening Sarah and my parents were up for a quick visit since they hadn't seen Sophia in over a week! She was walking around her Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table (which if you don't have one, you NEED one. It rocks!) and playing all by herself! The room was dead silent as we were all closely watching Sophia play.... Sophia started talking and babbling in a raspy voice .... we all laughed! Nate proceeded to say, "Sophia, have you been smoking?" I kid you not, she looked up and said, "Yeah...." and went back to playing! We all bust out laughing .... we laughed so hard it made Sophia cry!!! Too funny! I know she had no idea what she was saying and she was probably just responding to Nate's voice, but it was HILARIOUS!!

The little things in life sure make you smile, don't they?


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