Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank YOU!

Thanks to everyone who prayed for the adoption! God is so faithful and He provided this beautiful daughter, Jolie Cate, for them! As Jon always said in Sunday school class ... "We know God will provide the right baby at the right time!!" Praising God that this was the "right" time!

Mel mentioned last night they hoped to bring Jolie home today assuming her billirubin levels improve this morning! I can't imagine the joy and excitement going through their hearts and heads right now!! Knowing the papers are signed and this baby girls is finally theirs!!

Bringing home your child from the hospital is one of the most exciting, yet scary things in the world! I remember pulling in the driveway on that cold cold New Years Eve afternoon, thinking ... this is it .... it is all up to us now, we are alone and completely responsible for this baby!! A slight bit of panic set in followed by the shear thrill of the adventure about to occur!!

And what an adventure it has been .... I wouldn't give it up for the world!!

I am thrilled that Mel and Jon get to embark on this new adventure together with their little princess!! God has big plans for Jolie's life!! I just know it!

Congrats guys!!! We are SO happy for you!!

PS> Jon, you better keep up on those blog updates for blog stalkers like myself!! HaHa!


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