Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunrise Run

On Saturday we promised daddy we would get up early and go for a "Sunrise Run." Nate LOVES getting up early to exercise while the sun is coming up over the horizon! It was excellent weather for a 6 mile run. We are trying to do a little training for our North Salem Old Fashion Days 10K run on Labor Day. North Salem is a TINY little town northwest of us! They put on a great little 3 day celebration!! I mean seriously folks, where can you find a Bed Race, Truck Pull, and a Pet Parade!!

Stopping on the side of the road for a "sunrise shot!"

Got my strap attached to the stroller and my wrist so she doesn't go "flying" down the hill!!

Sophia's morning snack!! :) 6 miles is an awful long time to sit like a good girl in the stroller!

One of Sophia's favorite things to do is "run" with daddy and mommy!! When we reach out our hand, she grabs our finger, kicks her legs, opens her mouth really big, smiles, and laughs! It is so precious, it melts our heart everytime. It is hard to get it on camera ... this is my best attempt!

Sophia thinks she is so cool b/c she can drink out of mommy's water bottle!! Although she gets 1/2 of it on her shirt!!

Hope you enjoyed those picture memories of our run!! It was FUN but VERY hard for this mommy! Had to stop a few times to catch my breath and walk! :)

In other news, Sophia has really mastered rolling over from tummy to back and back to tummy! She loves sitting up and playing with her toys. She enjoys knocking over anything mommy stacks high!! She still isn't anywhere near crawling yet. Everyone tells me to enjoy the time she will stay where I put her down... although I am anxious for her to meet her next milestone! Oh yeah, no teeth yet either!!

Last week she tried some Cheerio halves, small pieces of turkey, small pieces of watermelon, and a few organic "brown rice" krispies!! She is doing pretty good "gumming" her solid food!!!

Gotta love those smiles that are all GUMS!!!


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