Thursday, August 27, 2009

Destined to be buddies!

I have to apologize my faithful blog followers! It was brought to my attention that it has been almost 1 full week since I have blogged!! Time goes so quickly! I have been meaning to write this since Tuesday, but somehow a teething child and shorter naps don't allow for creative brilliance or whatever it is called!!

Tuesday we had a playdate with Charlie, Kathy, and Nancy Mulder! Nancy and my mom have known each other since 2000 and are great friends. Kathy married Nancy's son Andy and they have an adorable little boy, Charlie, who is only 4 days older than Sophia. Charlie was born on Christmas Day last year!! Kathy and I had never met in person, only communicated through facebook, so we thought we should finally have our kiddos (and ourselves) meet for the first time!! Isn't FB a great thing? I saw Kathy and felt like I have known her for years!! :)

Since our kiddos are only 4 days apart, they are destined to be buddies!!!

We all met at my parents house, had a quick Subway lunch, then went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather!! Swimming was the main event on our agenda! Charlie was a little fish in the water. He got in the whale and kicked himself around the whole pool!!! Those swim lessons sure paid off for him!!!

It was so neat to watch these two kids interact since they are practically the SAME age. It was very evident that Charlie is ALL boy and Sophia is ALL girl!! And I mean ALL GIRL!! We have only had playdates thus far with girls, so I didn't notice how "prim and proper" she is ... but WOW! Nate said he is going to have to instill some "tom-boy" in her through camping and hiking!!

Here are a few pictures from our day!! Hope you enjoy the captions below each picture!

Charlie: "Ah, you have such a beautiful face Sophia!"
Sophia: "Please don't touch me, I just got up from my nap."

Sophia: "Ok, I am ready to play and will now poke your eye."
Charlie: "Sure go ahead.... Oh by the way, nice dress. Mind if I tug on it?"

"Lookin' all cute in my suit! Gotta get the toy before Charlie army craws and takes it from me!"

Charlie: "I am going to put my arm around this cutie!"
Sophia: "Sure, go ahead... I will keep playing or get your feet! One or the other!"

Kathy and the kids! They are only 4 days apart! Charlie was born on Christmas Day!

Charlie: "See Sophia, this is how you splash really big and get your face all wet."
Sophia: "Charlie, I am not sure about that. I think I will sit up here like a little princess and chew on my toy! Thanks anyways! You go ahead and splash away (but please don't get it in my eyes!)"

We had such a great time!! I know there will be many grandma/mother/child playdates in the future!!

Have a great Friday!!

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