Monday, August 10, 2009

Long Family Weekend of Fun...

Wow, it has been a whirlwind past few days!!!

Every summer in August, Nate's sister Naomi and her two kids come down from Michigan for an extended weekend!! Nate's sister Rhoda comes over from Ohio as well. Nate's mom always plans lots of events for the whole family to do together! There were too many activities planned for Sophia, so Nate's parents offered to stay home and watch her all day while Nate and I went out an "played."

Saturday we arrived at the Long's house in Beech Grove and visited for a little bit with everyone! Sophia went down for a nap and we packed up the car, bikes, and swimming suits, and headed north. We (Whitney, Nate, Tyler, Lexi, Naomi, and I) arrived at the Monon Center in Carmel, unloaded the bikes, and headed on the Monon south to Broadripple. We stopped for a little break at Good Earth (health food store) and then headed back up to Carmel! It was pretty hot, so the shade the majority of the monon provided was awesome! It felt SO great to get back on the bike again! I haven't been on for 1.5 years. Last year I missed out b/c I was prego!!

After biking about 12 or 13 miles, we were ready for a swim!! We had a few snacks that Nate's mom sent along with us, got changed, and HIT THE POOL!!! The water felt so good!! Rhoda jointed us as well. The Carmel Aquatic Center was pretty busy, but suprisingly, the baby area was pretty open!! When I walked by it a few times, I wished I had Sophia along with us! She would loved to have gotten in that warm water!! :) Next year she will be with us to share in the fun!!!

Naomi, Tyler, Lexi, Rhoda, Nate, and I had a good time at the park. We went down quite a few slides, hit up the lazy river lots of times (which Sophia would have loved too!), swam a few laps (well, Lexi and I did!), and laid out for a bit! I was such a genius and forgot to put sunscreen on my chest and it is FRIED! It hurts so badly!!! Won't make that mistake again! I also did't do to good of job on Nate's sunscreen b/c he ended up blotchy too! Guess I learned my lesson, don't talk and try to put sunscreen on at the same time!!

After 3 hours at the pool, we were all STARVING and ready for food!! We headed back to Nate's parents house for some yummy dinner! I was thrilled to see my baby girl! Couldn't wait to get her in my hands! I missed that precious smile!! We had a wonderful home cooked dinner and killer homemade apple crisp!

Nate and I packed up the car and we all (Lexi, Tyler, Sophia, Nate, and I) headed back to Avon!! I got Sophia right home and in bed while Nate and the kids drove to get a Red Box Rental DVD. When they got home and tried to play it, it was too scratched to play! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! We weren't going back to exchange it since it was already almost 8pm. We just watched one of the DVD's we had here at the house!

Sunday we headed to church then back to the Red Box to get another copy of Mall Cop since our first one was jank! Would you believe that someone jammed the Red Box return and it caused the Red Box to be out of order! Great, just great luck huh? I got myself on the phone with Red Box customer service and they were great. Refunded my money from the first rental and gave me two more free rentals! That is excellent service!! We headed down to Meijer to try another Red Box and it worked! We finally got our DVD!!

We got home, made a homemade pizza, and watched our movie (while Sophia slept)! It was so relaxing!! Nate's parents and two sisters headed to our house to pick up the kids in the early evening! We all played with Sophia, watched a few Andy Griffith's, and had some yummy No Pudge Brownies and ice cream!!

Overall, we had a great weekend! Although, it would be good to have a day to relax now!!

Here are some pictures from our weekend! Enjoy!

Sophia and her cousin Lexi!! Lexi was an amazing helper this weekend! Sure wish she lived in Indy b/c she could be one of Sophia's babysitters!

It is our tradition to keep the kids for an overnight one of their nights here!! Tyler, Sophia, and Lexi!

Lexi pushing Sophia while Tyler and Nate played basketball!

Lexi doing what she does best: helping me out!!

Sophia very interested in Tyler's bracelet and Rhoda's dog!

Sophia got a huge hunk of Tyler's hair to pull on ... good thing she released it ... he isn't bald!

Sophia sittin' on Aunt Rhoda's lap!!
Until we type again!!

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DEBSIK said...

Adorable pictures- What a whirl wind weekend! Sure looked fun.

Chris and Steff said...

What a fun weekend! I want to go swimming with you next time! Or just to the lazy river... sounds great!! Lexi is a cutie, too!