Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sophia's New Ride and New Friend

After much research, we finally picked Sophia's new ride: Evenflo Triumph Advance DLX!! The reviews were fabulous, the personal recommendations were numerous, and the price was just right!! We had a 20% off coupon plus a decent amount of $$ left on gift cards so we paid a grand total of $46.53 for this seat!! ROCK ON! (Thanks friends at Aegis and Eagle Creek!)

Sophia really enjoyed her first ride home in it today! From the minute I put her in it, she knew it was new! She was checking everything out, touching the sides, putting the buckles in her mouth, and playing with the pillow! She kept laughing and talking the whole way home!!! I think it was a success!!

We also got to meet Adelynn Galer today!!! She is only 3 weeks old!! She is the new precious daughter of my good friend from high school, Leslie (Kopko) Galer! Adelynn was so sweet!! Just looked up at me and smiled (well, she probably didn't smile already, but it looked like it!!) We had a nice time visiting with her whole family. We will be anxious for Christmas to arrive for their next trip back to the G-wood (from Chicago) so the girls can play more!! Sophia found it hard to play with a 3 week old!!! For once, she isn't the baby!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I love this fall-like weather! Bring on the jeans and sweatshirts!!


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Anonymous said...

love the car seat and love the name adelynn! cute! i'm just going to buy everything for my future kids in accordance to what you have done. thank you for going before me!