Friday, August 21, 2009

"Break on through ... the other side..." DOORS fan anyone??

Yesterday was a great day!!! Sophia's first two teeth broke through the skin and are starting their long venture up!! I can see (and FEEL!) the sharp little ridges on the gumline!
She hasn't been too fussy at all, which is a blessing!! She hasn't been getting up in the middle of the night either to which I am very thankful!!

We started yesterday putting her on her knees next to a couch cushion so she gets used to being on her knees. It is a totally new concept for her b/c she usually "frogs" it with her little legs!! As you can see in this picture, she wasn't enjoying it too much!! Gotta learn sometime huh?

My parents really wanted to see Sophia this week, so they asked to come out! It worked out perfect b/c Nate and I got to go on a date night!! Nate got home from work around 5pm, gave Sophia some "huggies and kissies" and we were off for a night on the town! We started at Outback Steakhouse b/c my parents had given Nate a GC for Father's Day!! (Thanks mom and dad for a great meal!) We also had a B1G1 Free Entree Coupon!! We had the best service and great food (which is unusual for Nate and I to admit)! After dinner, we headed downtown. Too bad the traffic was horrible b/c there was a Colt's Game!! We found our way to Circle Centre Mall! We closed down the mall -- got kicked out at 9pm! Nate found some great jeans and I found a shirt!

Here is our picture before leaving.... Nate even picked out my outfit for me! He told me I was "smokin' hot!" HEHE Gotta love the encouragement from the hubby!!!

My mom got Sophia tucked in bed without even a peep!!! It was so comforting knowing they were there taking care of my precious baby girl -- no worries in the world for this mama!!!

Although, I am so used to babysitting for EVERYONE else that it was so weird to come home to my own babysitters!!! A strange, yet great feeling!!!

Hope everyone enjoys the nice cool weekend!! I am going to be getting a indoor tan working at Meijer for the weekend!!! Better put on my sunscreen!!


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