Friday, April 3, 2009

Sophia's Play Date

Our dear friends Apryl, Greg, and Olivia live about 7 minutes west of our house. Apryl and I actually graduated high school together and have stayed in contact all these years!! We enjoy taking our girls on walks, going to Zumba class together, and just hanging out. Apryl and Greg were so giving with maternity clothes, baby clothes, a baby swing, etc that we wanted to give them something special. One of the most special thing to a parent with young kids is a date night with your spouse with childcare provided!! Apryl and Greg headed to one of their favorite restaurants (Olive Garden) for a nice dinner while we watched Olivia. Olivia turned two in Feb and is at such a fun age!! She loved when Nate read her books. She loved helping out with Sophia, such as holding her bottle while I fed her!! She also behaved like an angel!! I had Sophia in her crib watching her mobile while I was cleaning her diaper and Olivia wanted to get in Sophia's crib! They were so cute, I just had to take a picture and video!

The good thing about having both girls was that it was excellent experience to know what it will be like when we have our second child. It is going to be very busy and exhausting (I know VERY rewarding too)! I think this confirms our desire to have them spaced out by 3 years!! I have to give it to those parents that both work FT and have multiple children! I am going to need all that time at home to keep the "mothership" a float!!

Here is a cute video of the girls in Sophia's crib!!

Hope you enjoyed it!! We had a blast!!

Allyson and Sophia

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DEBSIK said...

YIKES---- So how do you think you would do this age together?
What an adorable video- Olivia is such a little sweetheart- Im sure Sophia watched every move she made-
Babies love little kids!
You should volunteer more often- Im sure Apryl and Greg would love it and it would get you some good practice.