Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beautiful Weather = Tons of Fun

We had a wonderful run today preparing for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon! Here are a few pictures that captured out morning activities! Sophia was so sweet and precious. She was awake and talking the full run (usually she is conked out in the first few minutes!) She watched Nate and I as we ran with her!! Once we got home, she ate and then went down for a 3 hour nap!! She sure had it rough!! Nate and I were able to catch some zzzz's too!

Mommy trying to run uphill!! Seriously folks, I think we were going like 1 mile/hr!

A little flatter land.... makes it easier to push her!! Although I can't complain b/c Nate did most of the hard work pushing her for about 85% of the run!

Sophia with her fingers in her mouth in front of our new home being built (JK!) !!! The best place for them huh??

Hope you enjoy!!

Allyson and Sophia

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Auntie Sarah said...

I'm just LOVIN' those black socks Al! Sophia will need to get her fashion advice from me!!