Friday, April 24, 2009

Dancin' with Daddy

Fun times on Friday's!! We had a wonderful long walk today in the 77 degree weather!! This warm weather is so invigorating for this mama!!

Here is a short little video clip of Sophia taken a few weeks ago! Not only does she love to dance with us in our arms, but she really likes to dance on her own! She will lay on her back and dance along with us!! She loves TobyMac (Thanks Aunt Sarah for letting us borrow the CD!)


Allyson and Sophia


DEBSIK said...

Oh!! My heart is melting


Steffany said...

Maybe I should get some little tap shoes for Sophia! My sister starts taking kids at age 3... i'll have her hold a spot for her ;) hehe Love the video!!

DEBSIK said...

Definitely think Steff had a great idea- Remember when you took ballet lessons with Staci Ell? Hum- Wonder if Sophia will be a dancer
Yours nor sissy's dance days lasted to long