Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our first "mini" vacation

This past weekend we had our first "mini" vacation with Sophia. We traveled north to Lake Orion, MI to visit Nate's oldest sister Naomi and her family. Lake Orion is outside of Detroit -- about 10-15 minutes from "THE PALACE" where the Pistons play basketball!

This is the first time that Sophia has been able to meet Uncle Mike, Aunt Naomi, Cousin Lexi and Tyler! We left Saturday morning at 2:30am and headed up north. Sophia was AWESOME and slept until 7:30am. We arrived at their house at 7:58am! :) After we filled up her tank, she got to meet her new family members! Everyone loved seeing Sophia in person (pictures just don't do a person justice!) We had an awesome day Saturday in MI and the sun was actually shining -- which is rare for our MI trips! Mike's parents drove up from Jackson to meet Sophia and Naomi's best friend in Michigan, Jackie, came over as well. We were so honored that everyone wanted to see our little precious girl! It was wonderful to see everyone and celebrate Lexi's birthday together!! Lexi was a huge help to me b/c she would feed Sophia her bottle after I got done nursing. She even got to practice changing "blow-out" diapers and outfits! Getting some practice in so she can become a "safe-sitter" and watch the kids across the street this summer! Tyler loved to be with Sophia too! He would come watch us get her ready and change her!! I wish the Martoia's lived in Indy so that we could all spend much more time together!!!

Sunday we headed to Sunday School and Church. The people at their church are always so welcoming, friendly, and overall WONDERFUL!! We love to be there and hear the WORD preached!! Sophia had a VERY rough night sleeping Saturday night so that meant mommy did as well. She isn't used to sleeping in our room (hasn't for 10 weeks now) -- so she could hear every sound and wanted to be up. I had to move her downstairs into the dining room so we were far apart. By Sunday after church, Sophia was exhausted! She took a 3 hour nap! This was very nice for mommy and daddy! We were able to sit and talk with adults!!

Below are some pictures from our trip!!

Lexi loved holding Sophia!! She got a kick out of showing her off to her girlfriends at church!

Tyler and Sophia when we arrived! Sophia was still in her PJ's! I think this picture was taken before Sophia starting "tooting" on her cousin! He thought that was pretty funny!

Guess Sophia was trying to tell her cousin Lexi to stop talking so Daddy could take their picture!!

Mommy and Sophia! I know, these pictures are rare b/c it seems mommy always has the camera taking the pictures!!! This outfit is just adorable! It was a shower gift from one of the nurses that took care of us (the first shift!) We had so many compliments from people at church on how cute Sophia looked!!

We heard there was 4-7 inches of snow coming Sunday night into Monday morning so we decided to leave MI at 6pm and arrived back home in Indy by 11:30pm, even with one stop to feed her!! Nate did an awesome job driving through the torrential downpours from MI all the way to Anderson! It was horrible weather, but we were very thankful it was just rain and not ice or snow!

We had a great time in MI -- although, we won't be traveling overnight with her for awhile b/c she doesn't sleep well at all which leaves mommy too exhausted and running on fumes!!

Allyson and Sophia

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