Monday, April 20, 2009

A Family Run ....

Sooooooo...... I had a genius idea last fall when I was pregnant -- "let's sign up to run the Mini Marathon again this year so that I can loose my baby weight." I thought -- since I ran it last year 5 weeks prego and was sicker than a dog, I figured this year would be so much better. It seems that all of our expectations with a baby and how life would be are 100% opposite of the way I thought. Having time to run is no exception. As many of you know, I have had so many problems with my milk supply that I have been told to "cool it on my exercise" and not go crazy. I think training for a 13.1 mile race probably would classify as "crazy." With all of that being said, we are still going to do the Mini this year. We are considering it a "Date!" I know, some of you reading this are thinking, "I could think of a much better time for a date than a 13.1 mile race!" We both have not had much time to train. We plan to walk/run all 13.1 miles, but mostly walk! This past Saturday I promised Nate we could go out and enjoy the weather and do a family 5 mile fun run (walk too). We had a blast! Sophia slept the whole time!

Stopped to catch our breath and take a picture since it was our first family run!!

Sophia had it rough didn't she....

Can you tell I am "fake running?"

My hottie husband!! He was a trouper b/c he pushed Sophia the whole 5 miles. It was all I could do to keep myself upright!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather on Saturday!! Can't wait for Wed, Thurs, Friday this week to have some more kick butt awesome weather!!


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Grammie will take Sophia's route