Sunday, March 29, 2009

I look just like my daddy!!

Me and you are stuck like glue!!! :) Seeing these two together melts my heart -- isn't our daughter a spittin' image of her father?? I think more and more she is looking like Nate!!! It is crazy how much they look alike??? At least it looks like her hair is going to be a similar color to mine -- my only claim to fame!

She is a smilin' queen isn't she? Of course when I put the camera down, she smiled so big!!! I was too slow on the draw to capture it! She is a ham when she wants to be!!! "WANTS" is the key word!!

This is her newest accomplishment -- Nate will hold her hands and she will sit up!! Her neck control continues to improve each day!!! She looks like a big girl in this picture!! Wonder what she is thinking?

But, maybe she isn't that big of a girl (yet) -- considering she looks so tiny in our queen-size bed!!! She loves laying on mommy's pillow!! Must be my wonderful scent! Or maybe that is just my drool she smells! :) HEHEHE

An update from my last entry: Sophia decided that after sleeping 8+ hours stretchs for 5 nights that she wanted to start getting mommy back up again 1-2 times!! Isn't that so nice of her? Last night Sophia and I had a battle b/w two wills. Sophia doesn't realize that mommy is going to win most of the time!!! At least for now huh? Until she can talk right?

On a positive note, we have been very successful with afternoon naps in her crib (Thanks EEP - you are a genius!!). Her longest stretch sleeping alone for a nap is 2.5 hours. She took a 1.5 hour nap today!!! I LOVE the freedom, although I am in her room quite a bit, patting her back, helping her get through the different sleep cycles. It works to keep her asleep!! Hopefully through all my hard work and patience, she will "learn" to sleep on her own for naps!!

Have a great week!!

Allyson and Sophia


DEBSIK said...

These pictures just crack me up! I just cant help but laugh outloud- esp the one of Sophia and Nate- 2 peas in a pod.

Amber said...

I want to know about your napping trick...for future reference!

Anonymous said...

I think she does look a ton like her daddy, but I see a lot of you too, friend! Her eyes and hair are yours!!! -ERZ