Monday, March 9, 2009

Time Flies

Oh how time flies around this house!!! I can't believe our baby is over two months old now!! She is growing so fast!!! (Well, in length and head circumference of course ... but still not in that belly!)

Here is her picture at 2 days old!

Here is a picture at almost 2 months old!!

We have really been enjoying the end of the second month!! She has become so much more alert and attentive. I love to carry on conversations with her!! She looks us in the eyes and really focuses on the person holding her or talking to her. She loves grabbing toys with her hands and holding them! The car keys and telephone are her favorite -- go figure! She still enjoys her bath!! Of course she screams her head off when I take her out and put lotion on her. She still has yet to figure out that mommy would like her to take at least 1 longer nap during the day!! She thinks she has to stay awake all day long b/c she doesn't want to miss ANYTHING!! Hummmm... guess she gets that trait honestly!! I am just like that!!

She is still fighting her first cold. Those little whimper coughs are enough to make a mother's heart melt!! It kills me to stick that bulb syringe up her nose to suck out the snot! She really hates that!!!

I love motherhood!!! It is the most rewarding thing in the world!! I love spending my days (and most nights) with her!! Don't get me wrong, there are lots of challenges and hard times, days that never seem to end and nights that never seem long enough!! I know, you don't have to say it, "It only will get harder!" It is a blessing to have such a wonderful husband for support!! He is so wonderful with Sophia!! She loves her daddy!! I have to give single mothers so much credit for what they do -- I can't imagine doing this alone!! I think I would end up in a loony bin!!

People have asked me how many children we want.... at this point in time... I am thinking only 2!! I don't think I can be pregnant more than twice and do the infant thing more than twice!!! I will give myself at least another 2 years to wait and prepare!!! I think it will take that long to get myself psyched up again!! :)

Well, speaking of nights!! I am cutting my sleep short by posting a blog!! Time for bed -- well until my princess wakes me up at 4am!!

Allyson and Sophia

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