Thursday, March 26, 2009

A New Chapter in our Life...

I woke up on Tuesday morning with a renewed spirit and a joyful heart!!! I am so excited and peaceful about our decision for me to stay home with Sophia and only work PRN. I felt like a new woman!!! I have been so encouraged by everyone's supportive emails and understanding. This was such a hard decision to make, but I know I made the right one for us for the time being!!! I am excited to join the ranks of the SAHM's (Stay-at-home moms).

Another thing that has made my heart and mind quite joyful: Sophia sleeping through the night for 5 nights in a row! She has slept from 8 hours to 10.5 hours straight this week!! I am hoping this will continue!!! When she gets up in the morning (anywhere from 4-6am), I feed her and she will usually sleep another 2-4 hours!!! We used to get her to bed by 9pm, now I am at 8pm... with a 7pm goal. I am ready to have some quality quiet time with my husband in the evening with a baby sleeping! I now understand why parents love getting their kids to bed early!! Gotta be able to work on the marriage!! That is what keeps the family together and strong!

Below are some cute pictures.....

Sophia after her bath!! She is actually somewhat smiling!! This is usually unheard of after a bath!! The minute she hits the air, she usually screams her head off until she is all dressed. Lately, we have been singing to her and she hasn't been crying until the very end. I don't think the cold weather helped us much either!! It has been a little warmer in the house these days which helps!

On Monday we decided the wear the outfit Erin Powell let us borrow. It is a little big on her (ya think?) but it is so adorable! Has cute little bunnies on it that says, "I love my baby bunny!" She was laying on her play mat looking up at Grampie!! She thinks he is pretty funny!! (Maybe funny lookin'? HAHA Just kidding dad!)

Sophia has started to enjoy reading books. This is something that daddy does with her most evenings after he gets home from work before she goes to bed!! As you can see, she actually is paying attention to the book and checking it out!

A little closer look!! She is checkin' that apple out!! Yummm.... wish it was apple time again!! I miss the Beasley Apple Orchard!!!

As the season is changing, I am trying to get her into all the outfits she has yet to wear!! This was one of my favorites! It was a gift from two dear patients of mine!! It is a little big, but adorable!!! I love the pants!! You can tell she wasn't too thrilled by having her picture taken! I think she might be thinking, "Are you kidding mom? I know I am adorable, but seriously, you are like the crazy paparazzi."

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!!

Today we are headed for a playdate with a dear friend from church!! Her daughter just turned 1 in February and she is a cutie!! Hope Sophia is on her best behavior!!

Off to have a little quiet time to myself before my princess gets up for the day!!

Allyson and Sophia


Steffany said...

I'm so glad that you are happy with your decision. I know my sister-in-law cherishes their time together after the girls go to bed. Even in the summer when it's still light out they try to put them to bed early so that they can still spend time together. Loved the new pictures of Sophia, she is getting cuter every day!

DEBSIK said...

Those pictures are absolutely adorable- Im counting the hours down for tomorrow when I can see her in person!
4 days is just to long to be away from my precious grandbaby

Love grammie