Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Simply Vera

Oh, the little pleasures in life... a new purse!!

The background: My sister was thrilled of her bargain purchase last week - A $70 Vera Wang purse for $13.80. She called me to tell me about it! I have to admit I teased her about it! For those that know my sister, she LOVES to shop and find bargains she "can't" live without! (Right sis?) I first saw her new purse yesterday and secretly fell in love with it!

The present: Today we were shopping in Kohl's for Sophia's Easter dress, and I had Sarah take me to the purse section... and there it was in all its glory...

I figured you all needed two views! I was instructed by my sister to carry it with the "Vera" symbol facing out so everyone can see it! :)

I love black purses b/c they go with almost everything ( and sis' was brown ). I looked at the tag and it was $20.40. Are you kidding me?? The same purse at the Brownsburg Kohl's was only $13.80. I marched my little self back to the service dept to see if they would price match one of their own stores and she hesitated, but agreed. Then my mom saved the day with a 15% off coupon. Needless to say I got my $70 Vera Wang purse for $11.73! Oh yeah baby!

I couldn't wait to get home and change purses! I know, I am a major dork!! I got my new purse all ready to go and strutted my stuff around the living room for all my family to see!

I really wanted to go somewhere just so I could take my new purse out on the town!! Running errands at 8pm when it is Sophia's bedtime isn't smart -- so I put my purse in the kitchen to save it for Nate and I's date out tomorrow night! Then "Vera" and I will go out in style and rock Plainfield or P-town as my girls in college called it!!!

Oh yeah, by the way -- GO BUTLER BULLDOGS!! They play tomorrow at 12:30pm and hopefully will kick some major LSU bootie!!


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DEBSIK said...

You are absolutely CRAZY! Seems when I got my "Vera" purse before I went to Florida- no one took a second look at it- I personally love it- but no- mine wasnt 13.80 or 11.73- but it was onsale at least maybe 20.00.

Poor Bulldogs- not a good day- AGAIN!!!!