Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Adventures..

Weekend Adventures for the Longs...

I can't believe the first weekend in December has come and (almost) gone!!! We had a wonderful weekend!!! Just a few more and our Princess will be here (hopefully)!!!

Saturday morning we awoke to snow!!! It was a rude awakening that WINTER is HERE!! The only good thing about that fact is that Peanut is coming soon!!! After a good gym workout, we headed over to the Avon Fire Department and met with the Public Safety guru to have her properly install our car seats/bases into both vehicles. What a wonderful FREE service that we can utilize b/c we pay taxes!! I highly recommend this service to anyone!! We feel great about Peanut's safety!! Now we just have to watch out for all the bozo drivers on the road!! As you can see in the picture below, the only thing that is missing now is PEANUT!!!

After our visit with the AFD, I headed down to Apryl's for a nice lunch with the girls (Apryl, myself, and her almost 2 year old daughter Olivia). We had a WONDERFUL yummy lunch and great conversations!! I had to get all my last minute questions answered!! Apryl has been such a dear friend and blessing in many ways throughout my pregnacy!!

After lunch I headed to Metropolis to shop for nursing bras. I drug my poor sister with me -- although she is ALWAYS up for a trip to the mall!! I have to say that the selection of nursing bras is HORRIBLE!! I wanted to try lots of different styles on to see which fit I liked best. The problem was that NO ONE carries my cup size in the store!!! (For all of you moms, yes, I knew to even look at the cup size up from my current one). The lady at JC Penny said, "Oh I am sorry mam, that just isn't a common cup size. You can order that size online." I felt like I needed to go to the junior training bra section and look for "junior nursing bras." I wanted to say lady, not all women aren't blessed with "lots of top" if you know what I mean. Neverthesless, I found a few that "might work" so I bought them. However, after getting them home, I decided I am just going to go with a friend's recommendation of the Bravdo! nursing bra. I have to order it online though...good thing they have free shipping!! Hope they feel better than the few I bought at JC Penny's.

Saturday evening Nate and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. (It is really on Tuesday 12/9.) Nate allowed me to relax and rest while he cooked an amazing candlelight dinner. We talked about our favorite memories over our 2nd year and what we are looking forward to for next year!! Next year we will need a babysitter!! Any takers/volunteers?? :)

We always try to find meaningful gifts for each other that have to do more with quality time as opposed to objects. Nate asked the I read one of his favorite chapters in The Severe Mercy book as he recorded it on the computer so he can listen to it on his long commute to work! Nate in turn gave me a 1 hour massage! It is pretty hard to find a comfortable position for a prego-woman's massage. He did well! :) I felt like I was at a Salon/Spa. Of course after a long massage, this prego-mama was ready for bed at 9pm!!!

After a long night due to frequent trips to the bathroom (#4 -- yes, FOUR trips)... we made it up early for church. After church, Sam came up from the G-wood to see Sophia's room and then we headed out for a girls lunch while Nate studied. It was great to catch up.

My chore this afternoon is to actually PACK the hospital bag. Nate has been very concerned that we won't have our bag packed in time so he asked me to do it this weekend. Of course it is a lot easier b/c I already have the list typed out (right EEP?). After a little more questioning, I figured out why he was worried it wouldn't be packed in time.... he was worried he wouldn't have all his special snacks and treats to take to the hospital. As you can see below, I made my Kroger run to get all his goodies. He is so excited about his food treats. He said, "If I am going to be able to survive labor, I am going to need good nourishment!" No worries that we don't have the toothbrush and clothes packed, WE HAVE FOOD!

As we get ready to begin week 37, I am getting very anxious for our little Peanut to arrive. I am getting very anxious to be DONE working too! :) This 37th week is crucial for her little lungs, but after this week, Peanut will be getting an eviction notice from her mama telling her that her time in the oven is DONE and she must come out!!! However, as you can see in the picture below of her door hanging... "Princess needs her beauty rest..." She gets my permission for one more week of beauty rest, then it is time to show her face!!! In reference to one of my favorite movies, "Bring it on..."

Stay tuned, more to come this week...

Allyson and Princess Peanut


Steffany said...

Ooh, ooh! I volunter to babysit next year on your anniversary! Count me in :)

I'm so glad you and Nate got a chance to spend some quality time together this weekend!

Apryl said...

We are always available to babysit(and we live really close). Maybe we can even work out a few date nights that we can swap one of these days. Sorry to hear about your bra dilema! There's always something :)

Whitney and Jake said...

Try Motherhood (both in the store and online) for nursing bras. They have better selection than any of the department stores.

Amanda said...

allyson...i've been checking by here periodically and totally understand the nursing bra dilemma (although not because they don't carry my cup size...just because they all are so uncomfortable). i found instructions online to make my own using bras i liked...really easy...much more comfortable...and less pricey. let me know if you want more info!