Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Royal Pain in the butt....

Yes, she is a "pain in my butt" and hasn't even been born yet!!! I know she is loving that right now!! I will be excited when I can share all these stories with her and how miserable she made her mother!!! (I know you who are mothers are thinking, just wait, it gets worse...)

Well folks, the pain is still very present when I am walking or up moving around, I am down right miserable, can't walk well, and feel helpless. I have created a new "cowboy" walk as Nate calls it trying to walk with my legs spread apart. Pretty comical to watch -- looks like I have a really bad case of MONSTER hemorrhoids ... however it seems to relieve a tiny bit of the pain, but it is still very much there. At Tuesday's doctor's appt, something must be done!!!!!

Yesterday I had some "osteopathic techniques" done that could help induce labor in 8 hours -- but as you can see, I am typing this blog so I am still at home and NOT in labor.

Nate and I also went out to eat Mexican with Apryl, Greg, and Olivia last night -- Very enjoyable dinner with friends and I even made my tongue burn with the salsa and drank 3 glasses of water --- still didn't work.

I am running out of ideas folks, especially now that I can't "exercise" her out as I had always intended...

What to do today??? Hum, sit around??? Be bored... Doesn't that sound like fun??

I need to go to the grocery and the thought of that just makes me scream from the pain it would cause. Nate tells me that he will go with me and push the cart and have me get in one of those motorized scooters... can't you just see me now... that thing goes slower than dirt... and I know I might get a little "aisle"-rage (instead of road rage) and run people over!!! At least it would make me laugh!! He also suggested we could take our camera and take a picture of me in it... not sure I want to remember that!!! Not my idea of a "Kodak moment!"

Well, more later... I wish from the hospital, but from our HOME computer. Tear...

Allyson and Peanut

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Erin A. said...

I'm still praying! Be sure to try ALL of the labor inducing techniques I sent you. Even the ones that wouldn't be polite to write about. :) Maybe some five alarm chili or some Thai or Cajun food is in order for lunch. Good luck!