Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First pictures of Sophia Grace...

The "Long" awaited pictures!!!

(Blogger owner disclosure: Faithful readers... here are some pictures... now remember, these aren't the ones from my husband the professional photographer. We have wait until we get home to load those types of files onto the computer and get them uploaded!!! But here are a few to wet your whistle. Obviously, the pictures don't do her justice b/c she is so adorable!!! )

Since we had a very good night last night, I plan to blog about all the labor details (for those of you that want to know it!) So, stay tuned for that!!

Allyson and Sophia


Apryl said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Well worth that long wait. Believe me, your labor,specifically the pain, will be a faint memory of the distant past. Your focus will be on Sophia and you'll be overwhelmed with the joy she brings you! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl :)

Emily said...

Congratulations! I've been following for awhile and was excited to see pictures!!! Hope you recover quickly and get lots of sleep!

Emily (Fay) Hasselbeck