Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Things that make you go hummmm..."

While Peanut and I were working out at the gym this evening, we were reading our normal "gym-trash" magazines -- People, US Weekly, and the likes. Gotta catch up on Hollywood somehow! Especially without paying a dime for them!!

Anyways, I was reading the latest celeb's baby-name choices and I was shocked. I felt as though some of them were blog-worthy for comments!

Sunday Rose -- daughter of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Why in the world do people name their children after day's of the week? (I have a patient named Wednesday). This is just cruel and unusual punishment for that poor child. They claim she was named after Sunday Reed, an Australian artist's muse ... but seriously, she will think she was named after the "day of the week" kids underwear!! What kid will get to wear underware with their name written all over it??? I know they didn't make "Allyson" underware. Those of you that are laughing now b/c you know you had that type of underwear when you were a kid! Just admit it!

Honor Marie -- daughter of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren. This isn't as crazy as some of them, but a noun or action verb for a name?? I think of "Honor" Thy mother and father... or the Honor Roll... but a cute, sweet little baby girl.... ummmm NO!

Maximilian David -- son of Marc Anthony and J Lo. I hear "Max-a-million" in his name. Maybe they thought, "Hum, our child will be worth "a max of a million dollars." Or maybe not... but what a weird name??

Finally, the strangest of them all....

Peanut Kai -- son of Ingo Rademacher (GH soap star I guess). Ok, so here is the deal... peanut is A-OK for a FETUS name, but not a BABY name!!! Their comment in US Weekly, "It puts a smile on everyone's face." Well, heck ya it does. A smile and a mental thought of "Are you crazy???" I wouldn't be surprised if "Peanut" ends up with a brother Cashew, sister Pistachio, and another brother of Walnut. Talk about a "nutty" family!!

Allyson and Peanut(s)

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Anonymous said...

Haha! Love this post! Who would have thought "peanut" could actually be someone's name.

Hope you're doing well!!! We'll have to chat soon!!