Thursday, July 24, 2008

A gift...

Can I say how much I love the majority of my patients. Notice, I did say "majority" and not all!! Anywho, one of my patients brought me the "goods" from his garden! (We have been talking about garden adventures all season!) He brought me some green onions, hot peppers (for Nate!), cucumbers, and TURNIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to chuckle to myself for many reasons....

A) I have never had a turnip in my life
B) I didn't really know what one looked like until my most recent blog and google of "turnip" images
C) I have no clue what they taste like
D) I have no clue how to make them/cook them/eat them???

I just thought how ironic -- little peanut is going to sample food this weekend that it resembles this week in its growth. So.................Is that freaky or kind of cool? Hum???????????????

Allyson, Peanut(s), and the garden turnips!!!

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