Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pistachio vs. Special K

Nate can't seem to get into the name "Peanut" for the baby. He said he thinks we need a name that has some meaning to it. I asked him what he preferred and he said, "Pistachio." About 4 weeks ago, I got on a pistachio kick, and I have been eating 1/4 cup of them each day! Even though his name has a little more meaning than "Peanut," I told him that we can't change the baby's name now b/c everyone knows our baby(s) as Peanut(s). He continues to call our baby "Pistachio" -- so I figure, hey, he is the dad, so he has the right to call him/her whatever he would like! Although, I just love "Peanut," so this mama will call the baby that for the remaining time!

My dad seems to think the name Special K is more appropriate. Special K is his favorite cereal and (for those of you who don't know) his last name is Kiesel.... hince the K. He thinks this baby is going to be one "Special K" kid. I told him that I was no longer a "Kiesel" but a "Long." He said that the baby is still 1/2 Kiesel which is why he likes Special K.

When our child makes it out of the womb, he/she is going to have 3 baby fetus names and 1 "real name!" Hope he/she doesn't get confused!!

Allyson and Peanut(s)


erin said...

Nothing to do with food, but I would like to officially request that you start putting side-view photos of yourself as a part of the the blog site (every month maybe?). It's sooo fun to see moms grow!
Anyone else who votes yes, bug Al until she does it :)

DEBSIK said...

I agree with Erin- Since Peanut's dad is a professional photographer, I think this request is very appropriate

Anonymous said...

Yes please! This Erin also wants photos! -ERZ