Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Anyone have a PhD in genetics or statistics?

To all those in blogger world... does anyone have a PhD in genetics or statistics? I have some updated "multiples" information and I am curious if there is significance! Here is what we know thus far...

- Nate's grandpa was a twin (His mom's dad)
- Nate's mom and dad both have a second cousin each with a set of triplets
- I have a second cousin or third cousin that is a twin.
- We got pregnant the first month off the "pill" -- so does the body shoot off more than one egg as it goes through "pill-withdrawl" and tries to regulate? (I know, kind of a crazy question, but it crossed my mind!)

Here are my questions for that genetic or statistic genious:

1. Are "multiples" passed through the X or Y gene?
2. What are our computated odds of having a "multiple" with the known information cited above?

Such simple questions, right??? Sooooooo.... who knows the answers? Please leave your answers in the comments field!!

Nate, Allyson, and Peanut(s)


Whitney & Jake said...

I bet you two are going crazy waiting to find out if you are having twins (or triplets by the sounds of it)!!! I can't help with your questions, but look forward to seeing answers if anyone has any. God's speed -- it sure sounds like you may need it! :-)

Jill said...

Just an FYI, I have been informed that multiples are passed only through the mothers. This may increase your chances according to the genetic family tree:)