Friday, November 19, 2010

Tom's of Maine's

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Over the past 6 months or so, I have been looking more intently at the ingredients in household items, toothpaste being one of them. I have been on the lookout for a natural toothpaste with fluoride, yet none of those unneeded “junk” ingredients!  I found one at Trader Joes’ that we liked, but after using it for a few months, I felt like it didn’t keep my breath fresh.  I was back to the drawing board … UNTIL I found Tom's Of Maine!
Tom's Of Maine is a leading natural products company focused on oral and personal care. For 40 years, Tom’s has been committed to supporting people, communities and the planet.   They have a product called “Wicked Fresh!™ Toothpaste” that gives you cavity protection and uses powerful natural flavor oils and a patent-pending botanical extract to provide long-lasting fresh breath.
The ingredients Tom’s of Maine use are of the highest quality, sourced in nature and subject to minimal processing.  They believe in sustainable farming practices, and reject animal testing, making it their goal to make the most effective products for you without resorting to anything artificial.  Check out this link for a list of all their ingredients and their use in the product!  Also, check out this link with the ingredients they do not use in their products!
They also have a Wicked Fresh!™ Mouthwash that helps stop bad breath without the burn. Their refreshing mint flavors leave your whole mouth feeling clean.   Here is a link with all of their ingredients in the mouthwash – no junk!! 
Do you have any Wicked Fresh moments?  I know we had a Wicked Fresh Moment biking down Copper Mountain in Colorado!  Wow, talk about a thrill!! 
Tom’s of Maine has a great contest going on right now online!  Share your own Wicked Fresh moments for a chance to win Wicked Fresh!™ Prizes (including a $500 Target Gift Card!)!  Check out this That's Wicked Fresh contest page for details of how to enter!   
Finally, check out Tom's Of Maine online on their Facebook page and Twitter page.

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