Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Times a gettin' close ...

... to potty-train learn!!!  Can I get a "woot woot?"  (Insert: YIKES!)

They say cloth diapered babies are easier to potty train learn!  I sure hope that is true!!  A few months ago, Sophia really started showing interest in the potty seat.  We move it from room to room, play on it, she lets Elmo use her potty, she shoves her dolls and teddy bears in there to play, you name it ... she does it!  Due to her interest, I said that I would LOVE to have her potty-trained learned by her second birthday (12/29).  I gave myself a start date for potty training  learning boot camp: 12/1/10!  I would love to have at least a year without washing diapers before we had another little one!  (Right now you might be reading this thinking to yourself .... you can't plan when you want to potty train learn your child ... she has to be ready ... just be patient ... don't rush it, it is easier with diapers).  Have you smelled the ammonia coming from my diaper pail?  Ha!!!   Despite what others may say, I am going for it ... I have had it up to my neck in my fair share of diaper rashes (her poop literally burns her butt)!!!  Enough is enough ... plus we "air-out" (aka no dipe, no pants) so often, she might has well be potty trained!  Plus, changing and washing her sheets every night b/c she is peeing out her diapers is getting old!  Seriously, she has 4 thick inserts in her nighttime diaper!!  I figured out she is "holding" it at night and then waits to pee till she is in bed which in turn is overloading the diaper!

A little sneak peak into our progress: 
For the past three days, Sophia has peed on her little potty 1-2 times each day!! (Only few times I have offered her to sit there)  The first two days, during "air-out" time, I caught her peeing a little on the carpet ... we ran to the little potty, she sat on it and FINALLY peed!  I was thrilled!  You don't know how many times we have sat on the potty (months) and she does nothing!!  Yesterday evening, she was without a diaper from 4:30-6:30pm with no accidents!  I took her to the potty and we sat there and sat there .... she was up and down, all around that bathroom ... after 30 minutes, I was loosing heart ... then in the middle of reading her book, she looks up at me and said, "diaper mama" ... I put her on the potty and she WENT! Yay!!  I left her diaper off and in another 30 minutes she started "dancing around" (I call it the potty dance -- cause I do it too! ha!) and I took her to the toilet and she peed a ton!!!   Since she finally is understanding the feelings of "relaxing" those muscles, I plan to practice more on the potty, more air time .... gotta get myself geared up for 12/1/10!!  

Please note: I am accepting ENCOURAGING potty training learning advice in the comments section below!!


Discovering the Me in Mommy said...

I have no advice...am keeping note of tips though! Excited to hear about progress!

Anonymous said...

I did this with my daughter lol I got SICK of diapers and wanted her trained! We would put pull ups (didn't cloth diaper at the time) on her and she would pee in them so we put underwear on her and she would pee in them. We had wood floors at the time which was good because the only way she didn't have accidents was put put her in a dress with nothing on underneath she had maybe 3 accidents that I can remember after that. It worked much better than anything else because while she didn't mind it on her clothes she didn't want it on her feet! hahaha Also we left the potty in her closet (she is very well behaved and didn't ever get into it except one time she tried to dump it herself and spilled)that way she could always get to a potty quick if she got distracted playing :)

Adam, Jenn, and Isaiah said...

sounds like good progress so far! Interested to find out any tips too. Good luck and have fun! :) I think we need to shop for a potty soon to start "playing" with it.