Saturday, May 1, 2010

Visiting with Aunt Rhoda

A few weeks ago, Nate’s sister Rhoda was in town for a doctor’s appointment. We met her on the southside so Rhoda could have a chance to see Sophia. Rhoda lives in OH and hasn’t had the chance to see Sophia since Christmas. A lot has changed in Sophia’s life in the past 6 months, not to mention the fact she is walking EVERWHERE!

Here are a few pictures from our journey south!

I am not so sure about this hammock! Plus this isn’t a great shot of me, check out my big belly!! Daddy said my shirt should say, “I love great food” instead of “I give great hugs!” Silly daddy!!

Who’s there? Ha, Ha, silly Aunt Rhoda!

Ooooh, I love getting my back scratched! Aunt Rhoda is the best! Plus she has great nails, much longer than mommy’s!

Whoa, what an afternoon! Good thing I can kick back, relax, and sleep!! I am dreaming of white, sandy beaches!!

Also, last Tuesday, Nate’s parents came out and took Sophia to the park! She had a great time on their walk and LOVED getting the chance to swing! That girl is crazy when she gets in the swing … she would sit in the swing for an hour straight if you let her!! I just found out last night that she loves getting an “underdog.” She is giddy and cracks up with each one! Wears this mama out!! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Long for coming to visit!

More adventures to come!!


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