Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Swimming in my new pool!

Today we went swimming for the second time in Sophia's new pool! I found it at Walmart at the end of the season last year for ..... get this .... $1!!! ONE DOLLAR!! (Ok, well, guess it would be $1.07, but close enough!) We have already spent at least 3 hours and I am confident many more hours will be spent in it in the upcoming months!! :) The best part is that it has a little canopy on the top to shade her from the sun!!


Maeve: "Here mom, here is a ball ..."

Maeve: "Not so sure I know what to think of this mom. Get me out of here!"

Can't wait to get myself a little tan this summer while I am swimming in 3 inches of water!! :) Ha!!


PS> Keep on reading down the blog, I added about 4 more posts, backdated below!

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