Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Trip to the Indianapolis Zoo!

The weather was absolutely PERFECT as was the company for our first trip!! We headed to the famous Indianapolis Zoo this morning with Kathy and Charlie! (You might recall previous pictures from play dates with the Mulders in this blog!) Driving into town with the sun shining bright, my little tummy jumped for joy -- pure excitement and anticipation of watching your child see all the "real" animals for the first time! I am glad that we waited to take her until now b/c she is so much more attentive to her surroundings, plus she knows lots of words and can communicate her excitement! Here are a few pictures from our trip today!!

I think the penguins might have been her favorite exhibit! Thanks to her great teacher, Aunt Sarah, she already knew how to "waddle-waddle" like a penguin! She got quite a kick out of watching them nose-dive into the water and swim up to the glass to wave hi to her!

Polar Bear, Polar Bear ...

Hum, not so sure about this parking business. Let's get a move on! More animals to see!!

You should have seen the parents and teachers trying to explain THIS to the school kids! It was hilarious!!!

Another one of Sophia's favorite exhibits! Probably b/c they were right next to the glass and moved around a lot!

My arm workout for the day!

One very sleepy Rhino

It was so neat to watch the elephants drink the water! Sophia thought it was pretty funny!

Looking at the camera (and smiling) is not on her priority list these days .... gawking at other people, now that is VERY important!

Here is a little video while we were eating lunch!

Thanks Kathy and Charlie for an awesome morning!!! We hope we can join you again sometime this summer!


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