Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Click it or Ticket

It has been such a blast watching Sophia's brain grow and develop over these past few months! Her vocabulary continues to explode each week! We usually talk about the item, point to it, say the word, and have her try to repeat it! She is actually doing very well!! Highly advanced for her age, I might add ... or maybe I am just biased! HA!! I think she is saying at least 20 words or so now! :) Maybe even more!!

On the way home from Trader Joe's today, Sophia started playing with the buckle/strap from her shopping cart cover. Always in the past, she played with it for less than 2 minutes, then on to the next toy or book! However, today it kept her attention for the whole ride home (over 40 minutes)! After about 5 minutes of playing around with the buckle, she figured out how to "click it" or fasten it!! I heard the click, looked in the rear view mirror and was amazed!!! I don't think she really knew what she did until I started praising her! She had this HUGE grin on her face and started clapping for herself! She asked for help to und0 it so she could "click it" again! She must have clicked it at least 10 times on our way home!! Each "click" was followed by a HUGE smile, a giggle, and lots of clapping!! :)

"I can do it mama! See, this is the first step!"

"Easy as cake!"

"Let's try again!"

"Oh yeah, gotta love me some bed-head!"

After her nap, I was able to catch a quick video!!! This has got to be a problem solving milestone, it just has to!!! (Never mind the bed head .... she took a great, hard nap!)

Such small things bring such big joy to my heart! It seems that milestones are more for the parents than the children!!


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Whitney said...

My youngest, Caden, was standing with me when I watched the video you posted... he was cheering her on! "She did it all by herself!" He was impressed :-). Very cute.