Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Nathan!

Sunday we had the privilege to attend Nathan's first birthday party!! He is the last kiddo in our play group of 4 to turn one!!! He made such a CUTE birthday boy too!! Here is an adorable picture of his mama Denise and dadda Chuck .... I met Denise in my breastfeeding group at Clarian West and we have been friends ever since this little guy was born!!! She is a sweetheart and her hubby is such a great guy!! Sophia and I LOVE getting together to walk with Denise and Nathan! Sophia is already flirting with him!

Time for cake!!! Denise made the cake and it was SO GOOD!!

Posing for a picture .... both kids: "My mom made me, but I ain't gonna smile!"

Then Sophia makes her first move ... a back sided hug, tickled Nathan's neck ...

Next move in the play book ... arm around the shoulder! (Now, wait, isn't it supposed to be the other way around???)

How can you not smile when your kids acts so lovingly to another child??? However, Nate has some serious teaching to do if this continues ... she will have 5 boyfriends before she hits kindergarten! HA!


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