Monday, April 5, 2010

So much to say ... so much to say ...

Where to begin??? Let me think ..... Ummmmmm .....

How about here?


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I am so proud to be a BUTLER BULLDOG!! (Sallie Mae sure likes it too since we are bonded together for another 23 years!) Nevertheless, I am beside myself and can barely contain my excitement for my dawgs!!! No one thought we could do it, but ALAS we proved them wrong! After the game Saturday night, I immediately began searching for tickets to the Title game. I was shocked that they weren't outrageously priced ... so we bit the bullet and bought TICKETS! Tonight, in 9 hours, we will be watching the best basketball team in the country(BUTLER) beat #1 seed DUKE!! Look for us in section 543 row 1 or 2!!

I apologize for my lack of blogging lately ... there has been so much going on with Butler's continued success!! Friday we headed downtown to watch Butler practice ... since we thought it would be the only time we could see them play at Hinkle South Campus (AKA Lucas Oil Stadium). We had such a great time. We met Nate's dad for lunch and then all 4 walked over to Lucas. WOW is all I got to say! That place is AMAZING!!!

Here are a few pictures:

It was surreal driving into Indy on I-70 seeing Butler's logo on the Final Four banner!

Sophia having fun eating her "Yum-Yums
Me and my sweet baby girl! :)

Much more to blog about ... so little time .... Look for us on the big screen! I will be the one wearing a Butler Blue Final Four shirt ..... HAHAHA!!!

PS> Easter Pictures coming soon .... here is one to wet your taste buds and to get you to check back in a few days!

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