Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Green" eggs and ham ...

Catchy title huh? :) Well we didn't have green eggs and ham ... but we had lots of "green" grass, Easter eggs, and egg casserole! No ham but tasty turkey sausage ...

Here are a few pictures from our Easter celebration at my parents house!! Sophia is in a stage now where she absolutely LOVES balloons! If I take her in a store where there are balloons, she goes CRAZY! To the point where I have to make sure they are not in sight at all ... or else I hear constant grunting and squealing ... lots of uhhhh ... uhhhh ... and pointing!! She fell in love with her Easter Bunny balloon and is still playing with it each day at home!!

Even though I am almost 30 years old (can't believe I am writing 3-0), I STILL love getting an Easter basket!! My mom always does one for each of us and stuffs it full of tasty treats! She is so gracious to give Nate and I baskets with healthy treats! Instead of getting candy, I love getting LaraBar's, almonds, and trail mix! (Well, I should admit I look forward to my 1 package of Peeps each year too!! Nothing screams spring like Peeps!)

Although, it is fun to celebrate with Easter baskets and treats, the real reason we celebrate is Jesus! If He wouldn't have come, lived, died, and been resurrected, we would have nothing to celebrate!! Thank you dear Jesus for your sacrifice so that I might have life!!!

Each year on Good Friday, Nate and I watch the Passion of the Christ. It is just one of those movies that get you in the right frame of mind to celebrate the gift! It is hard to believe that Jesus would suffer that much for our sake!!

What is your favorite tradition to celebrate Christ's resurrection?

Getting her to look at the camera for any length of time is near impossible these days!

Great-grandpa Kiesel (91), Sophia, and Mama

"Look mommy, I found two eggs! They have quarters in them too for my piggy bank!"


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