Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's MIDNIGHT ....

Well, it's MIDNIGHT and many say the Cinderalla story has ended ... but I feel it has just BEGUN! I felt so honored to be in the presence of my boys last night as I watched the biggest DAWG fight ever!! They played with so much heart ... put it all on the line .... left it all on the court. They should have no regrets, only pride of their great accomplishment! Those Butler boys proved money doesn't make a program great -- hard work, discipline, selflessness, and pure heart can get you just as far if not further! I am extremely proud to be a BULLDOG today (and everyday) although my heart aches!!! I feel like it is in a million pieces right now! I have that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that I just can't kick! I hardly slept at all last night! Every time I closed my eyes to rest, I kept seeing that fade-away jumper bouncing off the rim and the half-court Hail-Mary that ALMOST went in! I can imagine I am not the only one with those visions!! I can only hope that Brad Stevens will remain with Butler, Gordon Hayward will realize that a college education is MUCH more important than heading to the NBA early, and that those seniors will have an incredible memory of their journey their last year as a college athlete!

Here would be my few words of advice to Brad:

Dear Brad,

Please stay and continue to allow the Butler program to excel and reach new heights each year under your watch! Please don't be lured by money and "big names" to go to another team!! Remember, we here at Butler LOVE you ... you represent what we represent!! You left a great paying job to come to Butler to follow your dream! Please don't go back and chase the $$. Butler will reward you! We all know $$ can't buy happiness! Happiness = Staying at Butler! You and those boys made it possible! Let's keep this winning streak and NCAA tourney record in the forefront of our minds and use it to press on to a 2011 Championship!!

PS> If you need a good reason to stay ... remember that it didn't work out so well at Iowa for Todd Lickliter ... bad season = "see ya."

Cheering on the 'Dawgs since 1998,

Here are a few shots from last night's experience .... So many to choose from ... so little time and not a lot of mental energy today ....

Check out those crowds ....

Nate caught the fade-away jumper that "almost" was our Hollywood ending!
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Here are a few of my favorite articles thus far .... I might add more as I come upon them ... The first one is a real tear-jerker!!




I can write no more ... need more Kleenex ... and Tums!


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The Mummert Family said...

you should send brad your letter :)