Wednesday, April 7, 2010

15 Month Check-Up

Monday we went to the doctor for Sophia's 15 month check-up! She is growing like a weed!

Weight: 24 lbs (75%)
Height: 32.25 inches (95%)
OFC: 19.25 (>97% which means OFF THE CHARTS again!)

Big head = big brains, right???

In other news, Sophia decided after her 14 day stretch of not eating (or bird-like eating) she was going to start back to normal again! Whew ... what a breath of fresh air for this mama!! By Sunday, she was back to the "old" Sophia. To this day I still don't know what plagued her, but I am glad I didn't fork over an extra $100 buck-a-roo's to the doctor! At our appointment Monday I asked the doctor what she thought ... she said it could have been a lot of things ... "A Phase" or GI bug or just didn't feel like eating ... I still find it hard to believe it was a short-lived 2 week phase, but what do I know ... I am just a first time mom! I guess moms of 2 or more probably wouldn't worry at things like this!! All I can say is thank heavens it is over!! Now my little piggy is back eating me out of house and home at 15 months!! :)

I am still working on Easter pictures ... those are coming ... soon ... (I hope!)

Time for bed ... almost 11:30pm ... those that know me ... WAY past my bedtime!!

Good night!

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