Monday, April 12, 2010

Bargains and deals

What a beautiful weekend! I think I would be content to have those cool mornings and warm afternoons EVERY day!! We had a great time out enjoying the weather! I never want to take days like Sat and Sun for granted!!

This morning I was able to get Sophia's hair in her first ponytail! As I combed her hair while she was sitting on my lap, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy in my heart! This is my daughter!! I have the opportunity to do "girly" things with her, such as putting her hair in a bow! I know the next few years will hold many sweet memories with my baby girl! (Who isn't much of a baby anymore although she calls every kids she sees ... "BABY"!)

On Saturday, two of my girlfriends and myself went to the Westside Church of the Nazarene Garage Sale! WOW is all I can say! Those women are serious. The three of us just stood there in awe watching people shoving tons of clothes and toys into giant black trash bags! I just don't have it in me to run to tables and take things away from people! People would go to each section and just throw the items in their bag, then after the bag was full, they would find a corner and sort through all their stuff to see what they really wanted and what needed to go back. They had a huge section for just 'returns'. People from the church would sort the items and run them back to their proper tables. It was a non-stop cycle! Thank heavens we got in line fairly early b/c they were insanely LONG!! I walked away with 3 items ... the shoes Sophia is wearing in the picture above. Stride Rite walkers for $2 -- looked brand new after I tossed them in the wash! I also found this little Walmart shopping cart for $3. Sophia LOVES it! As you can see she has put everything under the sun in the basket! Notice her fridge farm takes the place of a baby doll! She likes to stop, push the little chick button, dance to the song, then start pushing it around again!!

An excellent find!

Here is a cute shot of Sophia one morning before we headed to the gym! I thought she looked absolutely adorable in her little skort outfit!! :) First summer outfit she has worn!!

Happy Monday!!!


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