Monday, April 19, 2010

Target Bargains

Can you guess how much I paid for all of these items??

Retail price of the above items: $26.97
My grand total: $12.07

Are you curious how I did it?

1) Pizza was $5.54, but I had a Target coupon for $1 off and a manufacturer coupon for a $1 off =$3.54
2) 7th Generation dish soup usually $3+ each, on sale for $2.49 each, had a manufacturer coupon for $2/2 and a target coupon for $1/1.
3) Kashi crackers on sale for $2.99, Kashi Bars on sale for $2.79, had a manufacturer coupon for $1.50/2 bars, Target coupon for $1/3 products
4) Kashi cereal on sale for $2.75, had a manufacturer coupon for $1.50/1
5) $0.05 off total order for bringing my own reusable bag

As some of you know, I have really been into bargain hunting and coupon clipping over the past few months! I have lowered our monthly grocery expenses $20-40/month!! I always thought they didn't print coupons for healthy and/or organic foods! I was SO wrong, they are just harder to find!! I watch the adds, print TONS of online coupons, and take advantage of coupon doubling at Meijer and Kroger.

Here are my favorite sites for watching for deals/coupons/freebies/etc!! Hope you will check them out. I subscribe to their feed so I get an email in my inbox every day! (She also gives lots of great sites to get free samples and many freebies)

Here is a good link to a blog entry post on in good cents for sites with coupons for organic foods!

I would love to know if you have any more websites for coupons!! Please share the wealth!

Happy Printing and Clipping!!


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Anonymous said...

One site I look at is 5dollardinners for cheap recipes and meal ideas. she also posts coupons. :)