Monday, March 29, 2010

What happened???

Friday March 26th life went on as usual .... Saturday March 27th things started getting a little weird with Sophia ... maybe just a fluke? Sunday March 28th Sophia started acting just plain "weird" -- not her normal self. My conversation with Nate Sunday night after I got home from work ...

Nate: Sophia didn't really want to eat much tonight. She wouldn't even touch her toasted cheese sandwich. I could only get her to eat her Trader Joe's Ravoli and peas.

Me: Oh, I wouldn't worry about it ... who knows why ... probably b/c she missed her mommy all weekend (big smile!)

Nate: She was just "weird" all day today ....

Me: What do you mean?

Nate: I can't describe it ... just weird ... not herself ....

Me: Guess she must be starting to realize her mommy isn't home 1 weekend a month (another big smile)!

End of conversation ....

Monday March 29th Sophia was EXTREMELY clingy -- so much I couldn't get anything done. I just chalked it up to me being gone all weekend at work. Tuesday my parents are out and she was still clingy to me -- which never happens. When they are around she could care less about the mama that gave birth to her ... she wants to be with her grammie and grampie!! She hardly ate anything for lunch and was just somber most of the day. Tuesday for dinner all she would eat was bread! (WEIRD!) She wouldn't even eat chicken which she LOVES!! I took her temp before bed and it was 99.8. Hum ... low-grade? Wonder if those top two molars are trying to finish coming through.

Wednesday - Friday she still continued to eat like a bird, which if you know Sophia any bit at all you know she eats me out of house and home! She didn't get to be 24 lbs for no reason. I begin to slightly worry ... why isn't she eating much at all? What happened to my biggest concern of her eating too much??? Thankfully she was still gulping down her milk and tons of water! (Mental thought ... maybe she is getting too full on liquids). Ok, so I know I am really pulling at anything now .... however, Friday night when we had over some friends ... she ate like a champ! (Sweet -- back on track).

Saturday morning she ate a decent size breakfast, but practically nothing for lunch and hardly anything for dinner. (Ok, so the worry is getting bigger).

Sunday morning she ate a whole banana (yay!), but then would hardly eat anything (just a few bites) of lunch and dinner .... (Ok, so the worry is starting to be monster size now!) What the heck is going on???

So my medical analysis ....

- Decreased appetite
- No point tenderness in the abdomen for the past 6 days
- Daily poops
- Good amount of wet diapers
- Only one low-grade temp last Tuesday night
- Not pulling at the ears, no difficulty in swallowing
- Acts very playful with her toys, very spunky when she isn't in the high chair
- Sleeping well at night and through the night, good naps
- No apparent pain?
- Some belly weight loss (have to put the diapers on tighter) - nothing to worry about probably since she had her own personal "beer" belly! Ha!
- Has all 4 molars, but the top two are still finishing fully breaking the skin (although her teeth have rarely bothered her)
- No runny nose, no congestion, minimal cough
- Nate has a gluten allergy and lactose intolerance .... is she developing food allergies?
- Does she have an ear infection with an atypical presentation?

What am I missing?? Is this just a stage? Is 15 months a new parenting nightmare? Am I worrying over nothing? So you may say, why don't you take her into the doctor if you are so worried .... well, we have an HSA and a $6,000 deductible AND she has a 15-mon well-visit one week from today. I would hate to have to pay over $100 for a sick-visit when well-visits are covered. (Side note -- HSA's are an excellent way to control medical costs b/c they really make you think before you just run to the doctor's office b/c you only have a $10 copay!)

I did call the pediatricians office this morning to see if they thought I should bring her in ... they weren't concerned at all ... just told me to make sure she gets at least 16 oz of food/milk per day ... that is it. She also told me it was probably just a "STAGE." Really? Is that possibly all it could be? Am I worrying myself over nothing ....

Not that I don't trust the doctor .... but any of you wise mother's out there have any advice or opinions??? Please leave me a comment!!

It is just hard to see her eating like a cow one day and a bird for the next 7 days!!!

Enough of the Wally-the-worrier .... here is a cute picture of her seeing her shadow for the first time! She kept looking and pointing to her shadow!!

Here she is again ... but Somber Sophia ...

... did you see what little friend stuck by her side during the whole run? A trusty BULLDOG!!

Go Butler!!!

PS. One last final hypothesis ... maybe she has just worried herself sick with these Butler Basketball Games that she has no appetite until they play to win the National Championship!



Nick and Jenn said...

Max went through this exact stage at her age and is just starting to come out of it. His started around 16 or 17 months (I think) and the last month he is finally eating again. He had the BEST appetite in the world...would eat anything you put in front of him. Talked to the doctor and said it was a phase and that he actual gets lots of protein from his milk. (he only drinks milk and water so no extra calories from juice) Anyway, it could be nothing but it was definitely "normal" for several of my friends kids. They are just more active, they don't need as much food b/c they are not growing as fast. I was told to start looking at the whole week instead of each day to see how he was doing and that made me feel better. He just wasn't always hungry every meal, every day. Hope that helps!

Whitney said...

I wouldn't worry unless you start to see some other unusual symptoms or signs of sickness. My kids have gone in and out of many different food phases. Will stop eating things they love at random, and then will start eating again like maniacs during a growth spurt.