Monday, March 1, 2010

Maeve's 1st Birthday


On Saturday, Nate, Sophia, and I had the opportunity to celebrate Maeve's 1st birthday! I met Maeve's mom, Libby, at my breastfeeding support group back in Feb 09! Libby was one of those people that I just clicked with and we have become close, thanks to our daughter's being such good playmates! It is so much fun having girls so close together in age (Sophia is only 2 months and 3 days older than Maeve). It seems like we get to hit all the milestones together and encourage each other in the current parenting dilemma!

We just had a wonderful time meeting their families and sharing in such a fun time! Maeve was a true birthday girl rock-star!! She and Sophia entertained the guests to say the least! :)

Libby did such an awesome job decorating the house with Maeve's pictures from the past year! She also made these cute little cupcakes and two ladybug cakes!
What a sweet portrait of Maeve that Nate was able to snap while she was holding on his leg!

Maeve did so well with her cake! Chad had to give her a bath afterwards b/c she was a mess!

Such a challenge to get both girls to smile and look at the camera! I'm not sure what Sophia was laughing at ...

Sophia ended up in Maeve's birthday Princess chair by the end of the party! :) Sophia looks so big in it!! Guess she is ready for her own Lazy-Boy rocker!

Can't wait to celebrate Isaac and Nathan's first birthday, the other two kiddos in our group of four!! The girls are older than the boys and are very intrigued by them! At such a young age ... I know! :)


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