Monday, March 29, 2010!

We had such an amazing weekend!!! Topping the list was the Butler Game on Saturday afternoon! I watched every single minute of that game and my stomach was a HOT MESS!!! The last 4 minutes consisted of me standing, jumping up and down, screaming, cheering, biting my nails ... need I go on??? Sophia, bless her heart, just had no idea what in the world her mother was doing .... she just looked at me and started squealing back ... I would scream at the TV and she would look at the TV, then look at me, then squeal back!! When the game was over my head was pounding .... massive headache .... but you know what, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!! I had tears of joy in my eyes and such a glad feeling in my heart! These boys deserved it! They worked so hard to get RESPECT from other in the basketball community! Too bad some commentators are still dogging my dawgs!! "Kansas St was just too tired ..... They couldn't deal well with the altitude ... They had to work too hard against Xavier .... and on and on ..." Seriously, cut the crap and just realize that the DAWGS are a good basketball team and they deserve everyone's RESPECT!!! From an upstanding coach, to intelligent basketball players, to excellent students, to the "team" first, not "me" first ... the DAWGS have it all except a National Championship .... which will happen Monday night!!!

Here are a few of my favorite articles:

Saturday, 6pm, CBS .... be there ....



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Amber said...

Congratulations!!! We kept talking about you while we watched the game!! I said you were probably standing on the couch, jumping up and down, screaming your head off! :) So excited for Butler!