Thursday, March 11, 2010

My initiation with baby boys ....

Friday February 12th, Matthew Robert Sturm decided to enter the world 5 weeks early!! Guess he was ready to come out and play!! Maybe he wanted to get a jump start on the traditional "Sturm Family Adventure Vacations!" He had a rough start, but is doing awesome now!! His mama, my dear dear friend from college, Abby, is totally rocking new motherhood!! Brad's doing a great job too, he is an excellent father!! I took a trip north to Michigan this past weekend and stayed for 3 days to help out!!

I arrived Sunday evening and had the chance to feed him a bottle. Such a sweet guy! Abby headed to bed early to get so much needed rest, so Brad and I stayed up for the late shift. I had so much fun rocking Matthew to sleep and getting him all tucked in! (12:45am -- the latest I have been up for a LONG time) Unfortunately, I was initiated into having a boy, as I didn't get the diaper on correctly! I thought it had it pointed "down," BUT I must not have b/c he was all wet by 2am! I felt so bad!! I didn't mess it up again though after that!! Nevertheless, Matthew was kind to his guest, he didn't spray me once!!

Since my breastfeeding support group helped me out a TON, Abby found one at her local hospital. We went on Monday afternoon and were so glad that we did! She had great success and found out the little guy gained 1 lb in the past two weeks!! Yay Matthew!! Abby learned some new techniques and is doing such a great job nursing him!! Keep up the good work Abby!

Tuesday we had a nice day out running a few errands. MI weather was kind to me ... sun all three days!! For those of you that are familiar with their weather, that is VERY rare at this time of year!! I was sad to head out late Tuesday afternoon, but I knew Abby was in good hands with her mama coming up that evening!

I had such a wonderful time, although I know I am not ready for the "newborn" phase again anytime soon!! I am too spoiled with Sophia sleeping through the night, her ability to communicate what she wants, and her mobility! Maybe in another year we will be ready to brave it again. Although, God is gracious and allows us to forget those first few months ... if He didn't, I think most families would have 1 kid! Ha!!

Here are some pictures to enjoy!! He is a tiny, yet strong little guy!!

The famous milk coma -- mommy's milk is the best!

Another milk coma ... I already miss his precious face!

Snuggling up on my shoulder ... ahhhh....

Big, bright eyes ... swaddled like a mummy!

Tiny little Matthew looked so small in this giant lamb swing ... It was so cute!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed my trip!! I am so thankful that I am staying home with Sophia so I can take little trips like this to help out!! Thanks to my parents for keeping Sophia so I could go "unattached."

A very content Allyson


Meredith K said...

How great that you got to spend time with them. I think it's great that you give "shout outs" to other people and their families on your blog. Your friends are very lucky to have your support!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nobody bothered to tell me that valuable "pointing it down" info until pretty late in the game after Alex was born-maybe even a few months? We went through a lot of clothing and sheets every day until then!