Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good food, good laughs, good times: Labor Day 09

We are so sad to see the summer gone, the weekend over, and daddy back to work!! We had a great and memorable weekend!! We are both very grateful for the chance to celebrate Labor Day!

Friday Sophia and I had a great day, didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but enjoyed each other!! She also got to have egg yolks for the first time!! She loved them! We have been working with her to teach her how to feed herself. She gets the food in her mouth 50% of the time!!

Saturday morning, Nate and I got up and took Sophia for an early morning run. (Had to prepare for Monday's race!) It was beautiful weather and we had a great time. Saturday evening, our friends Kristin and Dave came down for a cookout. We had a great time with them! Dave makes some killer guacamole and salsa -- those that know Nate know that he was in heaven!! Dave and Kristin are expecting their first child in 3 short weeks!! We are thrilled for them and for this little blessing to come! They have an amazing testimony of God's provision!!

Sunday was the usual, church, Sunday School, and then a nap!! My dad came out around 4. We made a homemade Italian Pesto Pizza, watched a movie, and all hit the sack!!

Monday morning, we all got up and headed out to North Salem! Nate and I were participating in the Old Fashion Days 10K run! Nate did this run last year, but Sophia was in tow and I was really PREGO!!! :) Nate and I had a really nice time running, and I did much better than I ever expected. Ran the full 6.2 miles without stopping!! We did it in a little over an hour. Pretty good for minimal training!! Dad and Sophia walked around the tiny town of North Salem and people watched!! (One of Sophia favorite things to do -- STARE!) After the run, we all had breakfast in the church basement and it was very yummy!! The best part about it was the homemade doughnuts!! (Right dad??) I never eat doughnuts b/c they are so bad for you -- but after running 10K, I couldn't pass them up -- especially since they were homemade!! Yum Yum!!

Once we got home, all 4 of us took naps!! We were all really tired!!!

Later yesterday afternoon, my mom drove up, Sarah and Brandon came over and we had a nice little cookout! My dad, the grill master, did a FABULOUS job on the meat while the ladies prepared the rest!! Good food, good laughs, good times!! My sister even made a killer Baked Alaska!! Yum Yum!!!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend....

Right before the race .... nice little family picture!

Lucky number 88 and 89!!

Gotta love on my sweet baby girl before the race starts!! :)

We finally made it!!! The crazy thing was we ran the whole time with a 67 year old man! He ran so fast!!! Couldn't believe it! A 71 year old man kicked most people's butt this year and ran the 10K in 45 minutes!! Can you believe it? He also won his age group in this year's Mini-Marathon!

Ahhhh.... my sweet baby girl!

Sarah and Brandon decided it would be cute to put some shades on Sophia!! As you can see from her facial expression, she was not impressed AT ALL!! :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!! We have a very buys 4 day week ahead!!


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Auntie Sarah said...

I think she was impressed...she just didn't know how to show it!!