Thursday, September 10, 2009

Disney's Christmas Carol Train Tour

Yesterday, Sophia and I headed down to Greenwood to pick up my parents and we drove 10 min south to Bargersville (aka Barger-tucky!) for the Disney Christmas Carol Train Tour. For those of you that don't know about it ... Disney is doing a 30 city train tour to promote A Christmas Carol to be released in theatre's Nov 6th. It is going to be very similar to Polar Express and will be in 3D! The tour started in LA and will end in NY at Grand Central Station. The train stopped in downtown Bargersville and was there from 9am to 7pm. We arrived shortly after 9:30am, and the wait to get on the train was already 1 hour. When we finally made it up to the first train car in the tour, Channel 13 news snuck in right behind us! They followed the boy in front of us along to capture a kid's perspective and journey through the cars! Of course Sophia and I made sure to be behind him at each stop!! :) Hehehe!! We were on the Channel 13 news at least 3 different times during the 5 o'clock hour last night but only one clip during the 6 o'clock hour!!! Arrow over on the video selection and choose Disney Train 5pm..... You will see us quite a few times! :)

Each train car had different items from the movie, pictures, portraits, wax sculptures they used to create the computer images, costumes, original artifacts from the Dicken's exhibit in London, miniature replicas of Big Ben and the set houses, and much more. They showed clips of how the movie was made in one of the cars! The last car you got to morph your face into a 3D image of one of the characters. They are going to email the pictures, so be looking for them as I will post it on the blog!! Pretty funny stuff!

After the train tour, you got in another line to watch a 3D - 10 minute clip from the movie. The clip left you wanting to see the whole movie. It is going to be worth going to the theatre's to see it!!! The technology is just amazing!!

Once the movie got out, we decided to head home since Sophia had been up WAY too long!!! She missed her AM nap, but proceeded to take a 3 hour afternoon nap!! Yeah!!

Overall, we are glad that we went and were able to experience the Train Tour -- HOWEVER -- we wouldn't want to have waited for more than 1 hour. By the time we were leaving, the wait was at 4+ hours. A big NO THANK YOU for me -- it was neat, but not neat enough for 4 hours of my time!! They achieved their goal -- we all want to see the movie now!!

Here are a few pictures of our experience!

Dad, Mom, and Sophia on the tractor tram -- had a 5 min ride to actually get to the train.

The train when we arrived!! Isn't that so cool?

Up close view of the train car!

Christmas Carolers to get you in the Christmas mood!! I bet they were blazin' hot!!!

The last train car ... Sophia was starving and checking out all the "fake" food!! Yum Yum!!



Katie! said...

Yay Maya Wrap! I loved mine - looks like little Sophia is fond of it as well!

Erin A. said...

We were going to go right after work, but changed our mind when we heard about the wait!