Monday, September 21, 2009

CELEBRATE good times, come on...

Saturday we celebrated Rhoda's 40th birthday! (Rhoda is Nate's middle sister) It was a later party, so my parents graciously offered to watch Sophia (after my sister double booked herself! HEHE JK sis!) That way we could stay later and enjoy ourselves. Sophia had a blast with my parents and enjoyed her trip to the Mayberry Cafe in Danville!! She is always such an angel for grammie and grampie K (or at least that is what they tell me!)

As you can tell by the pictures below, Rhoda had a great time! There were about 20 people there to celebrate! Nate's parents did a wonderful job with the party! Lots to do, lots to eat, lots of laughs!! After dinner, we all enjoyed some karaoke!! Nate sang Elvis' song, "Can't help falling in love" to me in his best Elvis voice! It was priceless!! I have it on video, but I doubt he would appreciate it on the web!!

Rhoda and T-man (Tyler)

Rhoda had a hard time getting both candles out in one breath -- can't say I blame her b/c they were so far apart!! Wonder if that wish will come true! Hope so!!

Rhoda's biggest surprise for the night was the guest appearance by Uncle Chuck and Aunt Sandy (Iowa). They were traveling through the state in their BEAUTIFUL RV and decided to "crash" the party!! It was great to see them, as we haven't since our wedding!! They are such wonderful, sincere, and genuine people!! Just love 'em!!

Since they were staying for a few days, we all were able to go out to lunch on Sunday afternoon! It was great to hear the family talking about "the good 'ole days." I learn lots about Nate's extended family during those type of interactions!! Wish we lived closer to them all!

Here is a picture of Aunt Sandy and Uncle Chuck in their RV on Sunday afternoon. Chuck is in the "captain's chair." It was so comfortable I don't know how he stays awake driving!!

Grandma and Grandpa Long had a chance to see Sophia on Sunday since Sophia didn't come to the party on Saturday night. They were glad to see her as it had been almost two months! (Yes, she has no pants on -- they were a wet mess after a big leak ... so she is sporting a cute shirt, diaper, and socks to her knees!!)

Rhoda, Delores, and Whitney

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! We are thrilled to be getting some good rainfall!! Bring it on!!! The grass looks deader than a doornail!

Until we type again....


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