Monday, September 28, 2009

Colin's First Birthday Party!

Yesterday we had a great time at Colin McHugh's 1st birthday party! Colin's mom, Katie (Wipperman) and I went to high school together! Thanks to the wonderful world of facebook, we reconnected when Katie was pregnant with Colin. It has been so wonderful to catch up and watch our kids grow up together! If you don't already, you should check out Katie's Blog! She is an amazing writer with a great sense of humor and take some killer pictures!!

Here are a few pictures from the party! (They have a beautiful house near Butler's campus and these pictures were all taken in their "sunroom/living room!" Nate and I were so jealous of this room and would LOVE to have one! The natural light was amazing!)

Sophia and mama!! She didn't get the memo to smile at the camera!!

Family picture in our birthday hats!! (Thanks Apryl!) Sophia didn't mind wearing her birthday hat!! Hopefully she won't in 3 months!!

It's almost my 3/4 year birthday -- so happy almost birthday to me too!!

The birthday boy, Colin, eating his chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing!! By the end, he had chocolate icing ALL over his face! It was priceless!!

We had such a good time at the party! After closely observing Colin play and "happy scream/squeal," Sophia picked up on the "screaming" thing! I think she likes to see how high she can get her voice!! She "happy screamed/squealed" the whole way home!! It was even too much for Olivia, who said, "Mommy, can Sophie-phia get out of the car?" You know it was loud when a 2 1/2 year old couldn't stand it!! (Sorry Apryl about the noise!) The food was amazing and the company was even better! We are looking forward to many kids birthday parties in the future!!! I have a lot to live up to for Sophia's first birthday party now!! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Enjoy this beautiful FALL day!!!

Don't ya just love this weather??


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