Friday, August 22, 2008


Thank heavens it is Friday and work is over!!! Time for a weekend to play!!! As a M-F worker, there is no greater feeling than the feeling on Friday afternoon when the whole week of work is behind you and you have 2 full days to do whatever your heart desires!! I love working M-F!!! Although, next Spring I will love working only 2 days/week and joining the ranks of a "mostly-stay-at home mom!" Oh, how I know the work will be more at home, but I am SO ready to stay home with our lil' one!! Being a mom is the biggest blessing in the world!!!

Speaking of our lil' Peanut, we hope to go by mid-Sept for another "peak" to see the goods on the south pole if you know what I mean!! :) This time I plan to drink at least 8-12 oz of Orange and maybe chase it with a little chocolate! Peanut has no prayer of sleeping during our next US!!! Our little fetus will be all hyped up on sugar!!! Stay tuned on the blog for updates and the revealing, whenever that may occur!!

Thanks to those of you that had comforting words regarding my last few posts! I really appreciate the support and the knowledge that not everyone loves being pregnant, but they LOVE the end result! It is so helpful for me to see the "real" side of people!! I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends that have awesome advice!!! Love you all!!!

Allyson and Peanut

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