Monday, August 4, 2008

One Crazy Dream...

To those of you that are faithful "Long Family Chronicles" readers, I had previously mentioned that I would share some of the wild dreams I have been having. Last night, I had a blog-worthy weird dream.

As you all know, our ultrasound is scheduled for TOMORROW (8/5 3:30pm) and we are very excited. Last night I had a crazy dream relating to that experience. I was in a triage area, awaiting to go back for my ultrasound. Nate was there right beside me. Unfortunately, I was more in a hospital area than I was in a doctor's office. I was surrounded by lots of women and men having other procedures done. They brought me a gown and told me to change out of my clothes. I said, "Why would I do that, I am just having an US done today, I can lift up my shirt when the technician comes into my room." The sweet nurse said, you are also having a colonoscopy today as well -- and I need to intubate you. I said, "What? Are you kidding me?" She walked away to get the materials to do that. I started freaking out and Nate was there to comfort me. She brought the stuff back and started to open my mouth to stick the tube in... I yelled, "You have to at least give me something to numb my throat so I don't feel this tube." She put a throat spray in and it started numbing. Don't ask me why I let this keep going. After she was shoving the tube down my throat, I ripped it out with my hand after gagging and said, "Absolutely NOT, you are not doing this. I am NOT having a colonoscopy. I am 28 years old, have NO GI issues, and am not at risk for colon cancer, plus I eat very healthy and tons of fiber. I am here for an ultrasound and that is all that I am having." The nurse was a little scared of me by now and said, "Ok mam, whatever you would like." So I ended up waiting and waiting for someone to come get me for my ultrasound. We sat there for over 2 hours. Finally, at 5:30pm we were the only ones left in triage and the nurse came in to get me to take me back for the ultrasound. The END!

I know, doesn't it stink that I didn't even dream about the sex of the baby?? Or how many? Just the crazy idea of a ultrasound/colonoscopy combo procedure????

Well, those are pregnancy hormones speaking for you.... I am really not that crazy!!!

Allyson and Peanut(s)


erin said...

my scariest pregnancy dream was that I went into labor with Ethan but we didn't make it to the hospital - he was born under the carport where we lived at the time. After he was born, we were so exhausted we went back inside the house but FORGOT the new baby outside under the carport all night. I don't think I'll ever forget that dream! 20 or so weeks to go, you'll surely continue to have interesting dreams!

Whitney & Jake said...

That's pretty funny - pregnancy dreams can be crazy! I'm excited to hear about your ultrasound findings!