Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Martoia Weekend of Fun

This past week our favorite Niece and Nephew came to stay with us Saturday night!! They love time with their crazy Aunt and Uncle!! Sunday after church, we planned to go swimming at the Danville Pool at Ellis Park. We pretty much planned our whole day around it... so at 12:30pm, we packed up our picnic lunch and headed out to Danville to find the pool CLOSED!!!! Are you kidding me???? I could just feel their heart's ache and break! I even check their internet site and it said they were open 12-7pm on Sunday's. Errrr.... Why have an internet site when you don't update it and you CLOSE THE POOL?

Nate and I tried to make the best of it... we went into the park and had a picnic lunch and then headed back to our place. Our wonderful neighbor Jim has a paddle boat on the lake/retention pond behind his house (across the street from our house). We asked him if we could take the kids for a spin around...

Needless to say, the kids had a burning desire to go swimming, so after "paddling" around for 10 minutes got boring, they both jumped in.... I couldn't believe it!! Not to mention there are 3-4 ft catfish in it (per neighbor Jim).

Below you will find some good pictures!! They sure had a good time swimming and Nate and I had a blast laughing!!

Lexi pre-swim

Tyler and Lexi "rockin" the boat

Tyler lookin' like a stud

Lexi getting attacked by the 3 ft catfish ... or maybe just Tyler

Yes, those are cattails back there... hum.. what a clean "pond"

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