Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Wow, it just doesn't seem possible that Jackson is 5 months old already!!  Where is the time going? (I am happy to look back on months 1-4 as just a memory!) I love seeing his smiling face each morning (well, at a normal hour that is! Ha!) or after he gets done nursing!  Just such a happy baby!!  Don't get me wrong, he has his periods of time where he can wail with the best of them!

I know, with a face like this, I know it's hard to believe he cries!!

He has been doing some rolling around!  Mostly likes to roll from his back to his "near" tummy ... fully on one side!  He also has been enjoying playing with his feet!  Problem is that he can only get his toes in his mouth on the changing table without a diaper on!  I love my cloth, but it is a bit restrictive when trying to be uber-flexible!  

We enjoy Wednesday mornings to ourselves while sis is at Preschool!  Usually mommy enjoys watching the Glee and Parenthood episode from the previous night on the DVR while Jax sleeps!  Ha!!  

Tried to snap a pic with self-timer ...  didn't work so well as
he didn't have my funny face to laugh at!
He has been laughing more and more!  He loves playing "airplane" on my legs!  He enjoys being tossed in the air, well, a few inches at this stage in the game!!

Now if we could just get this night time sleep down a little better.  These short stretches are NOT fun!  Seems like month 1-2 were horrible, 3 was much better, then 4 has been YUCK!  Maybe the 5th month will be the best yet .... come on, a mom can dream right???

Oh, what I wouldn't give for 5 FULL nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep!!!  Back to dream world for me huh?

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Anonymous said...

What a precious little boy Jackson is and his big smile is beautiful.

Thank you for sharing all these pictures of Jackson. He sure has grown alot since his birth.

Your neighbor,